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WearetheTwinS meet John Devlin

About 6 or more years ago we got given the True Colours football books as a Xmas/Birthday present. These books are our bible and we genuinely love them with all our designing heart! A great illustrated and descriptive guide to the premier league, Championship and home international kits dating from 2006 all the way back to the 1980′s. Amazing!

We sent the Author, John Devlin, an email a while back during our 2nd year and he wrote an article about our football kit project. Since then we have kept in touch through email and twitter, often finding ourselves deep into conversation with various football kit enthusiasts around the country.

So were we delighted when John took us up on our Free Range invitation and came to Brick Lane a few weeks ago to see our Graduate Football kit collections. We got our books signed and ended up talking about football kits all evening. It was great to finally meet the author of True Colours and show him our work! James was there to document this epic meeting, one of the highlights of our time at University.

The Shirt, Shorts and Socks

We were very lucky to have been sponsored by Umbro, they supplied us with all fabric for our collection. The shirts use a combination of poly cotton, mesh and base layer fabrics. Different fit and functions have been specifically chosen for each kit depending on the position or condition. The focus being on the performance of the athlete.  If the concepts were used at club level, then the same team aesthetic would be applied to each kit. Same design but different fit and function of the shirt depending on the position or condition

The collections are designed to show clearly the concept of the kits and aimed to stand out on the catwalk.

The WATT branding comes from the ultra sonic sewed and printed tape seam on the shoulder. Creating a unique visual aesthetic that follows throughout the collections and adds to the concepts of the kits.

One of the things we always wanted to do for our final collections, ever since the 1st year, was to make sure we didn’t just have plain socks. The football sock is designed to keep you’re shin pads up, that’s the only real reason we wear them, So we explored the idea of modifying the sock by using other fabrics, which would be sewn into the standard sock. This then gave us the design we were looking for without losing the shape or functionality.
Our socks use the printed lycra and polyester from the shirts to complete to kit. The shorts are using a non stretch polyester. We decided to simplify them. We wanted to incorporate a style of waistband that is used on base layer shorts,just elastic which eliminates the drawstring tie up. The shorts have a seamless side to complete the simple and clean look. The shorts have white elastic to match with the white socks.

The Badge

Ever since we were born there has been a Phillip’s family crest under the fireplace at our Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It was given to them by friends, Dot and Des, over 30 years ago. We have grown up with it so we thought it would be perfect to use for our final collections. We got the next door neighbour to take a close up picture and send it to us.
We were very lucky to have James Kamo on hand to help us transform the badge into the correct file format. Adapting the badge for each collection, we vinyl cut and heat pressed the logos onto the kits to give a clean finish on the outside and a comfortable, irritation free feel on inside.