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New Perranwell Shirt Samples

We decided to give the Perranwell Kit one more shot….. Here’s two more samples we received today.

There are still some problems, changes to make and sizes to alter… but we won’t give up JUST yet.



ps, if anyone would like to place their logo on the front of these shirts, we are looking for sponsors.. so email us at for more information, Thanks Samuel

The Medium kit with tape seam

Here’s our medium football kit, short and long sleeve… with an ultra-sonic sewn shoulder seam with a tape seam finish. Really pleased with how the kit looks and fits. We even wore them to warm up before the game on saturday… they are a bit tight on us( which is a shame because we are XL) however wearing and playing in the kit you’ve stitched together and heat pressed.. is most definitely a rewarding experience and a #keytopsd – Love it.

A few highlights from the game away to Falmouth town (league leaders)… We were both playing as Central Defensive Midfielders, as you can clearly see from the analysis photos!

We lost one nil.

Let’s move on to the next game.. and to the new set of homemade football kits!


Making the kit to a Medium

Now we are starting to put together our final collection. We have to make them to a medium size for the catwalk so we’ve spent most of this week trying to get a fit we’re happy with. Before you bombard us with tweets (@wearethetwins) , yes one of the sleeves is supposed to be shorter!

First attempt: a bit too tight and short on the arms.. Modeled by legendary Olie Arnold

Second attempt: Longer sleeve, looser fit on the arms

Second attempt with first attempt shorts! : Modeled by the ever present Chris Cardy aka 1st year superstar

Still work to be done but the basic block is almost done