Monthly Archives: February 2012

Vote for Charlotte Stowe!

The first person we met in the year below was Charlotte. I remember being on the phone, trying to give her instructions on how to find us in Falmouth. We finally found each other by the woodlane bus stop and she came over for a nice chat and a cup of tea before the meet and greet event that we put on for the new 1st years in the evening.

That seems a very long time ago and since then, Charlotte has been doing some pretty cool stuff.

She is in fact a finalist in the Alfa Romeo competition. So it would be great if we could help her out with some votes. The collection is coming together nicely and its starting to look, as Charlotte would put it…ACE!!!

Click the link below then scroll down and click on ‘Charlotte Stowe’. EASY!




Well done Charlotte!


WearetheTwinS Video WATT a WEEK!

Last Monday we finished all of our football kits in preparation for the toile line up on Wednesday and on Friday we had to hand in our experimental portfolios!

There was plenty of hemming, sewing, seam taping, printing, CAD, organising, cutting, sticking and even dancing! And while all this was going on we filmed some of it!

So here it is! WATT a WEEK!!…Enjoy!