Monthly Archives: December 2011

TeamPSD – the 1st years shirt project.

Last term we met a few of the new 1st year psd students and new members to #teamPSD

Only 3 guys this year.. Josey (football) Cole (mma) and Chris (Cycling). We helped these guys out when we could and gave advice from what had learnt from our first year. Very rewarding helping others and passing on your knowledge. These guys absolutely nailed the shirt project to the wall. Well done lads, keep it up and one day you’ll be able to post about your 1st years on your own websites! ;-)

Note: Making friends with people on the same course in other years is key.

Josey(left) Cole(middle) Chris(right)

Cole has already entered the world of psd video’s, and showed this in his presentation. check it out!