Monthly Archives: November 2011

Today we are 22! Here’s what we got…

Another set of pictures of us standing together with everton kits!

Full home to share!

Alternative home shorts to share!

It’s not liverpool is real madrid!

Al Saad Football club from Qatar!! Not alot of people will own this one!

Marseille kits! Football meets Fashion! Totally Vogue!

Rugby shirts are awesome too! England and Stade Francais! Controversal or what!

Happy birthday to us!

Athletics kit is on the right track

Its been a long process making the Gmax TrackStars athletics kit. Last week we confirmed the design and today we have been working with the manufacturer to make sure its correct before we get another sample. We did some printing today to figure out the colours and star print. We have great facilities here at UCF and using them really helped us make decisions. We are really happy with the kit now and hopefully even more so when we get the next sample.

Going for the smaller stars on the left. More of a subtle and textured like print that the Chairman was asking for.

We were also given a picture of the 2 colours that were ideal for Gmax. So we printed the image off and played around with the CMYK colours.

The CAD!