Sheffield Wednesday vs Millwall

The other week at work we were offered the chance to go and watch Sheffield Wednesday vs Millwall. After a few people dropped out, the decision to go to the match relied totally on our taxi driver Alex. With absolutely no pressure from us, she decided we would go so we set off up the road to Sheffield.

We parked next to KFC and bought a healthy salad to eat on the walk up to Hillsborough. We got to our seats in perfect time as the referee blew his whistle to start the game.

After a poor first half, the second half was much more exciting! I wasn’t planning on making a video but I just so happened to catch all the key moments of the game. Sometimes the best videos are the ones that are unplanned and freestyled, with a bit of luck to capture just the right moment!

As you can probably tell by the video we left the stadium absolutely buzzing about what we had just seen. It was a great trip and an exciting end to a game of football for the neutral. I even think Alex may have enjoyed it to.

IMG_5847 IMG_5838 IMG_5865 IMG_5869 2014-08-19 20.36.59 IMG_5840 IMG_58801-e1409399737508

Dancing the Waltz…

Every year Mum and I watch Strictly Come Dancing and every year we always say we would try and learn. We never got round to doing so because of being at University and an all round general lack of self confidence and belief. However, towards the end of October 2013, I decided that we should be less talk and more walk, so I found the local dance studio and booked us in for a new beginners class that was just starting up.

Fast forward to July 2014 and we could dance a basic routine for the Social Foxtrot, Cha-cha-cha, Jive, Rumba, Tango, Quickstep and Waltz. We only missed a handful of sessions and Tuesday night really was the highlight of our week.

On our last class before moving away to Mansfield. I wanted to make sure I got a video of us dancing, just for proof that we actually did it! Im even more pleased about this video because it almost didn’t happen. My phone had run out of memory but luckily Mum brought her tablet along so we managed to film on that. I chose the Waltz as it was my favourite.

I’m really proud of what Mum and I achieved. It just goes to show that anyone can achieve anything if you put your mind, and dancing feet to it.

Next stop, the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool.



Debuts for Ashland Rovers FC

With work going well, new bikes, and our apartment slowly getting sorted, we decided to embark on the next stage of our football careers. After asking around the office and making some phone calls. We decided to join Ashland Rovers. With Dad watching on from the sidelines, we made our debuts last weekend in a 4-0 pre-season defeat to Linby CW FC. We both got 2nd half run outs and we both unfortunately made some goal conceding mistakes. A weak header back to the goalkeeper and some poor marking from a corner. Despite this, we enjoyed our first game for the club and really pleased that dad was there to see it. It wasn’t till later in the evening that, when the memories of mistakes were almost gone, we discovered this awesome blog called Around The Grounds 2014-15 by Rob Hornby. He was at the game taking photos and he did this match report, so please check out the links. It was cool to have our debuts documented online and there is some good photos of us both, as well as a constant reminder of how not to defend.

IMG_8145_zps7b28a658 IMG_8146_zpsf6053de8 IMG_8147_zps9130f8cd IMG_8148_zps422e381d IMG_8149_zpsf797303a IMG_8152_zpsd139bd18 IMG_8154_zpsd40f5256 IMG_8155_zps95a876d0 IMG_8157_zps2e9cccf7 IMG_8158_zps5564911e IMG_8160_zps6c44f4bd IMG_8161_zpse63036e3 IMG_8162_zps554c0845 IMG_8163_zps54d46243 IMG_8164_zpsdb6dda72 IMG_8165_zps81c07409 IMG_8166_zpsdf63f4ea IMG_8167_zps44bee6b1 IMG_8174_zps20c09880 IMG_8176_zpscb286ea6 IMG_8177_zpsd41c76e4

Credit to Rob Hornby for the photos

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